Concepts of organisational behaviour

organisational behaviourThe publishing house has collaborated with a team of respected educators, to release their newest production, organisational behaviour core concepts and applications 3rd Australasian edition. It’s an educational textbook series aimed at students in human resource and management. The creators have developed two versions of the book, which includes a digital copy and a print material. With the digital series, a student gets to enjoy the luxury of E-text and iStudy interactive tools. It allows a student to explore the pages of text online or offline. With this revolutionary product, it’s effortless to search for key facts, highlight favourite notes and document relevant thoughts. Learners get a lifetime copy that is compatible with any smart device, including an iPad, Tablet, etc. If a student prefers, he or she can access the text using a computer too. A copy of this educational series from the website is just $50.

Learners who prefer to study using a traditional paperbook, can grab a print copy online for $117.56. It features patented iStudy software which complements the textbook. It’s designed organisational behaviour core concepts and applications 3rd Australasian edition to motivate learners to study at their own pace. The advantageous fact is that this revolutionary production promises a visually rich, interactive study experience. With self-explanatory topic-focused content based on relevant, real-world events, it guarantees a stress-free learning experience. This series shares rich content focused on; skills shortages, workplace diversity, social media, balancing work/life, employee stress among other human-resource and management related topics.

It’s not difficult for a learner to get an understanding of the concepts and topics discussed in the series. It uses real-world examples that explore different workspaces. The creators put emphasis on engaging each student in a relatable experience; by presenting examples of New Zealand, Asia and Australian workforce addressing common work-related concerns. This series aims to help learners to cultivate the skills to put these theories into practice. It equips them with practical skills and the education to become better scholars. With iStudy, it’s possible for a student to assess his or her progress and retention ability. It’s possible to study anywhere and at a time that complements a student’s lifestyle.

The company has introduced a rich collection of products in the organisational behaviour core concepts and applications 3rd Australasian edition. With its modern tutorial activities and self-instructed study guides, a student’s learning experience becomes as personal as possible. Each chapter includes a well-thought-out questionnaire, assessment, a review and group exercises. A student gets an opportunity to choose the best route to study. Every chapter shares real-world examples that a student can use to increase retention and application. It doesn’t limit the experiences of local organisations primarily; it’s a global effort. This is a featured chapter in the “International Spotlights” section. Students get to learn about issues related to ethical perceptiveness, which explains consumer and investor behaviour trends. It shares the short and long-term concerns from an economic angle, which illustrates organisational practices, management principles and the industry.