Achieve deeper psychology learning with E-Texts

psychology etextPsychology 4th Edition by Lorelle Burton, Robin Kiwalski and Drew Westen is endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society and a first-year psychology students leading resource. Students can use this resource through-out their psychology degree program. It offers new features and key requirements for a psychology degree and professional accreditation.

Psychology 4th Australian and New Zealand Edition includes iStudy which features interactive modules to improve the understanding of introductory psychology principles and tests the students’ knowledge. With iStudy, students can study on a variety of operating systems and can use it anytime and anywhere. Included in the iStudy with CyberPsych are local and international data, cross-cultural and indigenous psychology and research and examples from the field of psychology to give the student a view from within the field.

Psychology 4th Edition has more features to help students achieve deeper learning such as concept maps at the beginning of each chapter that outlines the topics and key concepts of the chapter. The themes are provided by real world examples to set the scenes. Questions specific to the issues being discussed are at both the beginning and end of chapters. Psychological theory is reinforced in each chapter through interim summaries. The phenomena of different ethnic backgrounds allows cross cultural studies. Insight on topics and issues are provided by leading academics through Commentary boxes. Topics are taken One Step Further by leading academics as well. Cross references link topics by chapters to show how psychology disciplines are connected. Critical thinking is encouraged by application and discussion questions throughout each chapter. Challenging situations from the field offers students the opportunity to practice critical thinking when addressing Ethical Dilemmas. Self-study can be practiced, as well, using the End of Chapter Reviews, Discussions, and Application Question with suggested answers to the application question at the back of the book.

Having the basic and essential principles, theories and topics provided in one concise book gives a more solid foundation to the study of psychology. The additional study tools iStudy and CyberPsych offers students the opportunity of greater understanding and learning. The book is designed with greater learning opportunities, as well, from the supplemental activities in each chapter.

Wiley, the digital provider of the text, also offer additional support to students by adding on AssignMentor. AssignMentor offer students templates to help them master the art of producing academic essays, reports and literature reviews. The creators hope that students can be graded more on their learning and knowledge gains than their ability to format, create referencing and produce document in the required style. The system of interactive templates allows students to follow a prescribed process, receive tips about writing and formatting, and tools that assist with referencing. The additional learning tools will, hopefully, result in more students completing their first year of study. Psychology 4th Edition will give first year psychology students a more intimate look at the field while guiding them to better study and learning skills. The additional study materials offer students an opportunity to ground their learning by developing study skills to use in all subjects.