Insight Into Human Resources Management

Human Resources ManagementHuman Resource Management 8th Edition is the brand new edition of extensive text designed for aiding Australian and New Zealand University students in their Human Resource Management coursework. In addition to it’s original format, the appended text includes current statistics, breakthrough research, real -world case studies, input from Human Resource Managers, and the Fair Work Act and the most recent outcome it holds on employee-employer relations. This new compendium allows students to successfully delve into thought provoking topics and current issues, creating a deeper understanding of the industry and keeping students up to date on instruction. Human Resource Management 8th Edition also offers exploration of topical issues such as the global financial crisis, work-life balance, the ageing population and the skills shortage in terms of their effect on organisations. Key themes of the text continue to be an emphasis on HRM practice in the Asia -Pacific region, as well as the importance of strategy and managing diversity.

Human Resources Management 8th Edition stone provides students with media articles on Human Resource topics, interesting and relevant facts and statistics, as well as prospective writings from real- world human resource managers from an array of industries. These additions help to demonstrate chapter theory, bring professional viewpoints to light as well as reinforce the students understanding of Human Resources. Human Resources Management 8th Edition also features End-of-Chapter study guides which assists students in self-study and classroom activities, and is a bountiful resource for review questions, online exercise, case studies and analysis questions, debate topics and ethical dilemmas. End-of- part case studies are provided to illustrate HRM theory and offer analysis questions for critical thinking. In addition to a thorough analysis of the contemporary Human Resources landscape in Australia, the text provides instrumental comparisons with Human Resource systems in regional countries such as India, China and Japan.

Human Resource Management 8th Edition is endorsed by the Australian Human Resources Institute and authored by Raymond J. Stone, who offers his impressive experience in international Human Resource Management as first hand insight into the field. Raymond J. Stone has held senior positions in Australia and many parts of the Asian-Pacific, taught at Australian, Japanese, Hong Kong and British universities, and has published articles on negotiation and international Human Resources Management in academic and business journals in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. He has included in addition to the revised text his “Letters to the Editor” giving students thought-provoking and at times controversial viewpoints on each chapter, encouraging critical thinking and discussion in the classroom. In it’s separate editions, the Human Resources Management textbook is the longest running and most successful Australian textbook ever produced in the field of Human Resources Management.
In conclusion, Human Resource Management 8th Edition is an exceedingly in depth and well structured text, which aims at giving students the insight necessary into Human Resource practices in numerous industries across a span of nations, so that they may succeed in their studies and promising careers.